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TES1 Session 16 January 15, 1964 9/96 (9%) plane enzymes malba saucer wires

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(Finally someone who said her name was Malba Bronson spoke through me, in my own voice. She said that she died in South Dakota in 1946, at the age of 46, and that presently she inhabited a “midplane.” She said that she knew Seth, who was however on a higher plane, and that he would explain the term midplane to us. She also said that Seth would probably call her “Malba Toast.”

(Malba said it takes time to prepare for a seance, 15 minutes at least in relaxation before; a black cloth on our table reaching to the floor would help, as well as drapes on the upper half of our windows, to cover the white Venetian blinds. She said that my old friend, Father Trainor was on her plane, and that both of them would probably reincarnate again. She is a female personality but does not operate sexually.

(According to her, ectoplasm formed the various changes and materializations about my hand in our previous seance with Bill Macdonnel. Sessions, she said, should be regular. Darkness or very dim red light will produce the best results for beginners. Rob asked if it would be possible for me to continue in full light. Malba said light would not bother her, but might bother me. She said that the way Rob and I work together, we need both of us to succeed, and that our channels were open before the session. The color experiments failed because we were not prepared. The closet experiment failed because I did not believe it would work. [Reading about mediums and their cabinets, I stationed myself in a dark closet while Rob checked from outside for any ectoplasm or aura.]

(Malba said the state before going to sleep is a good one in which to receive visions and should also be used to suggest good health to the subconscious, to suggest that it help you as far as your work goes, and to suggest that practical daily matters will be taken care of. Worry is bad—it reinforces negative attitudes and is corrosive. Practice will help in seances. Individuals vary in the types of manifestations they achieve. We can expect ectoplasmic creations separated from the body of the medium.

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(Don’t worry about checking data so carefully to begin with; that is, get materializations first or you won’t have anything to check. Suggestion is a good tool. Mirror is a help to me, see perspective on a flat plane. Rob asked about prairie quote earlier, Malba said she was trying to make contact. She is not related to us in any way in a past life, just was available. Sometimes they will not respond on her plane to open channels unless they feel compatible with people seeking contact.

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(Malba said connection with her could be renewed by asking questions. Seth, she said, was an excellent teacher, a philosopher where she was not. Don’t be discouraged, remember poor Ouija sessions before success. We have been preparing ourselves for this since before our marriage nine years ago, but marriage reinforced our energies. Ego spits like a cat to maintain conscious control, but will relax when it sees it can come to itself whenever it chooses. A drink helps, a darkened room, pre-seance preparation.

(Malba will go over this material later if we want to check notes we intend to make. Malba said she was the girl I spoke about dying early in Levonshire, England, but that she died at 14 and not 17, as I said. The ego distorts material, as in this case. She also said that if we meet anyone who would be good in seance group, we would know it.

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(Speaking of worry, she said we were much better now along that line. Isolation was good when it expanded. When your mind is consciously tight it is like closing a switch; and when you open up you turn off the switch. Rob asked if I could travel in astral body outside room, she said possibly. We should experiment along our lines of interest: Bill with his travel experiences, Rob with his visions, me with my dreams of levitation. Malba said there is no sensation as far as medium is concerned when ectoplasm emerges.

(I had the feeling that Malba had trouble with pronunciation at times. I often spoke in a light fading voice.

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