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(This morning at breakfast I had announced that light was also a mental enzyme, to Jane’s surprise and somewhat to my own. We opened this session by sitting at the board as usual, without asking questions. The answers, once we were underway, began through the board.

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No. Light is a mental enzyme.

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As far as light being a mental enzyme, this is true. I’m pleased that you came forward with this yourself. There are other mental enzymes of course. Whether we will go into this during tonight’s session I don’t know.

The main mental enzymes create senses on the physical plane in order that they may be recognized and appreciated by the physical being. The mental enzymes are the same basically throughout the universe, but their materializations on a particular plane are determined by the properties inherent in the plane itself. The quality called light on this plane could just as well appear as sound in another, and for that matter even on this plane light can be changed into sound and sound into light.

It is always interaction which is important. Even the mental enzymes themselves are interchangeable as far as the principle behind them is concerned, though for practical purposes they maintain separate and distinct qualities in their materializations in one plane. That is why it is possible for some human beings to experience sound as color, or to see color in sound. Granted this is not characteristic experience, but if the mental enzymes were not interchangeable in principle, then this experience would not be possible for any. Light would never be heard for example, sound would never be seen. Nor is color usually heard, nor sound usually seen.

In practical terms these mental enzymes must of course, and do, give a predictable, more or less dependable result. The reason why they must is understandable. The thing to remember is that this interchangeability can occur and is therefore an ability or property of the mental enzyme in general.

On your plane the action of the mental enzyme would appear to be more or less inflexible, more or less static, irreversible, and permanent. This of course is not the case. It is a view caused by the difficulty of getting any perspective about the particular plane which you happen to inhabit.

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Because mental enzymes seem to give the same effects most of the time in your physical universe, your scientists for years blithely labeled these as the laws of nature, that is, the apparent laws of cause and effect. Now because, if you’ll excuse the pun, a certain cause will usually give a certain effect in your physical universe, you may be justified in saying that these apparent results are laws that operate within your physical universe. But please, stay in your own backyard.

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So complete in fact is the transformation as to be almost in some cases unrecognizable. However, by seeing beneath the camouflage in any one case you see beneath the camouflage in all cases. What these wires are, therefore, that seem to divide our planes and that appear so differently in one plane than they do in another, are solidified vitality whose camouflaging action is determined by mental enzymes.

Now you will understand why I said earlier that sound can be seen and color can be heard. There are many diverse examples along this line. If you will forgive me Joseph, at the risk, and I do mean the risk, of becoming boring, I would like to repeat briefly: Mental enzymes allow the solidified vitality to change its form. If I said this in the beginning before this discussion, it would have choked you to swallow it.

Your light is a mental enzyme tipped me off that you were ready for this discussion. Needless to say solidified vitality and mental enzymes are dependent upon each other in many ways. The enzyme part of our little equation therefore permits vitality to operate successfully under diverse mental and physical situations, and to form the basis for each particular plane. (Pause.)

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The inner senses are actually the channels through which the entire composition of any particular plane is appreciated and actually maintained. It is through the inner senses that the mental enzymes are enabled to act upon the vitality which is, as I have said, the structure of the universe itself.

The inner senses in other words are the means, the mental enzymes are the tools, and the vitality is the actual material that forms the universe as a whole, the apparent divisions within it, the apparent boundaries of the various divisions, and the diverse materials within each division. Again, the different materials within each division are only camouflages formed by the inner senses upon the material itself.

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