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TES3 Session 131 February 10, 1965 3/52 (6%) electrical density intensities coded denseness

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I can say little until much more background is given, but this electrical reality is vastly dense.

(Jane now took one of her frequent pauses. At break she told me that as she spoke the word dense, and during the pause, she had a rather strong mental image of a field of points of light. These points of light were many-layered, she said, as though she looked at a picture of a galaxy that was not flat. On a vast scale the myriad points of light compared to the density in the electric field, on a very tiny scale.

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We run into difficulties, for I do not speak of denseness as you probably think of it. This is a denseness that does not take up space. This is a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

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