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TES3 Session 131 February 10, 1965 2/52 (4%) electrical density intensities coded denseness

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We have seen that all experience is retained in electrically coded data within the cells, and that the material of the cells forms about this coded experience. We have seen that the ego begins, sparked into being, by the inner self, greatly influenced by heredity and physical environment; and that this ego as it continues to exist gradually builds up an electrical reality of its own, as its experiences form into coded data within the cells.

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The gradations of intensities are so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded form the actual living reality of endless eons; contains therefore what you would call the past, present and future of unnumbered universes; contains the actual coded data of any and every consciousness that has been or will be, in any universe; those that have appeared to vanish, and those which seemingly do not yet exist.

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