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TES1 Session 13 January 6, 1964 6/58 (10%) chlorophyll enzymes solidified dictates mental

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(Jane dictates:) I thought you were going to ask me about her recitation of the fifth dimension, which came across unusually well and quite undistorted. You understand that generalized material on the fifth dimension and other matters in no way jeopardizes her present personality, or causes strain or panic. This is one of the reasons why this sort of data comes through so much more clearly than more personal material which her ego may find burdensome.

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This has also much to do believe it or not with feeling, which also is a mover. You must try not to categorize things in old ways, but when you open your mind you will see a similarity between chlorophyll as a mental enzyme or mover, and emotion which is never still. Emotion solidified is something else again and perhaps is a framework of other worlds. (Pause.) And really Jane, you’re giving your subconscious an awful lot of credit. Let’s see credit where credit is due.

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Intellectual truth alone will not make you free, though it is certainly a necessary preliminary. If this were the case your walls would fall away, since intellectually you understand their rather dubious nature. Since feeling is so often the cohesive with which mind builds, it is feeling itself which must be changed if you would find freedom from your particular plane of existence at your particular time. That is, to some extent a change in feeling will allow you to see variants. Since feeling is a cohesive, to change it completely would hardly be of any advantage since your world of present existence would fall apart.

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You on your plane for example do not even have conscious memory of your own dream fragments. For that matter you can hardly remember one idea from one week to another on a conscious deliberate basis. It is simply impossible for the ego as you know it to maintain conscious dominance at this time. (Pause.)

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(The above was spelled out. End at 10:30. (The following material is included here because it is dealt with in the next session, the 14th. I wrote these notes on the morning of January 8; they came to mind while I was working on an ink drawing of a complicated tree bearing within it two birds’ nests. I began the drawing in reference to an image Seth had conjured up in an earlier session on the fifth dimension. I believe these thoughts came to me so easily because I had been making some conscious efforts to think in new ways, and they were triggered by my working on this particular drawing.

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(A drawing is solidified action. In the process of drawing I am solidifying emotion or feeling. There is distortion present, but still I put down something that my obvious senses can perceive. It is an attempt to get to the heart, the mind’s heart, of the matter.

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