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TES3 Session 128 February 3, 1965 4/40 (10%) electrical intensity shapes gestalts dissection

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The physical body is formed about its electrical counterpart, yet they are both intertwined in completely different dimensions. All the knowledge gained by the present ego is retained in electrical form, as is all experience so retained. The camouflage material will be discarded as a physical gestalt, as far as the individual is concerned. The matter of the physical body will simply be used in other gestalts, in the manner that I have explained in earlier sessions.

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These personality intensities are themselves formed within ranges that would appear minute, but contain within them, truly, eons of experience. In our further discussions concerning the nature of electrical reality, we will also come closer to an understanding of those pyramid gestalts of which I have spoken.

(See the 81st session for some material on psychic pyramid gestalts.)

This electrical reality will be a basis for many future discussions, and you will see the basis behind my contention that dream locations indeed exist in actuality. It is important also to realize that psychic gestalts are built up electrically, and that many positive attractions exist between and within various electrical fields, so that there is constant motion and travel between them.

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