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TES3 Session 128 February 3, 1965 2/40 (5%) electrical intensity shapes gestalts dissection

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You could imagine it for example as having a shape, but the shape would not be formed by matter, but by pattern masses; and all the multitudinous portions of it, the shapes on it, would be composed in terms of mass intensity. To bring this even clearer, you could even imagine that the whole inner universe was an organism, of which your universe represented but one small portion. Yet in using the inner senses, you yourselves probe into this universe, and at least in analogy dissect it, the inner self acting as the imaginary knife.

In such imaginary dissection, at first only small sections of it are exposed. Change our knife image now into an imaginary rocket ship, so that our dissection involves many more dimensions. The rocket ship would be the inquiring inner self in motion. This inner self in motion is bound to set up ripples of counteraction. All this will be in terms of electric impulse.

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