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TES3 Session 120 January 11, 1965 6/37 (16%) fields chemicals actuality mankind bravo

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We will speak this evening concerning the importance of the existence of planes or fields of actuality which are as yet generally unrecognized within your own field. Due to mankind’s present general insistence upon recognizing no other fields of actuality but his own, the advance of knowledge is curtailed. No efforts will be made to determine the existence or importance of actualities when such actualities are not believed to exist to begin with, particularly when such a discovery would shatter the very foundations of knowledge as it now exists.

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Your own universe has its existence within many fields, and exists as an actuality, exerting force, within these fields.

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Excess of chemicals within the body are drained off by the subconscious through its ability to act as a channel between fields of actuality. The chemicals are sent as projections into other fields which need such chemicals. Certain energies from other planes or fields are also projected into this field, where they are used.

Transformation of energy from one field to another continually goes on. I cannot stress too strongly the fact that in practical actuality the body exists within many fields, and it cannot be explained or understood when it is considered a product of one field only. Nor can it be much aided in times of physical difficulties, for the basic causes of the problems is not known, and treatment at best is haphazard.

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Existence within any field is more complicated than you dream either possible or reasonable. It depends upon simultaneous actuality in so many fields, and delicate balances and communications, the balances in all cases being determined by the efficiency of the communications.

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Successful experiments along these lines appear as disconnected happenings merely because the context in which they have their existence, and which makes their existence possible, is not known or recognized. Telepathy goes on constantly, my dear friends, in all fields of actuality. Telepathy goes on within the body between the cells. Telepathy exists because no systems are truly closed systems.

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