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TES3 Session 115 December 16, 1964 11/56 (20%) universe contribution december storefront realities

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This will serve as a further connective to our discussion of the dream universe, and its interaction with the world of physical matter. It goes without saying that your definition of reality is extremely limited, and excludes more than it includes.

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They appear to lack the apparent physical durability of, say, a table or a chair, the table and chair being examples of physical realities. And yet their effect is much more durable, and they impress and to some extent manipulate physical realities, in their strong and sometimes explosive emergence into your universe. Such realities do not bow to the artificial time measurements which so often limit you in daily life.

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You do indeed give them energy, as they also give you energy. Dreams, or the dream universe, exists even while you wake, and you only become aware of certain portions of it even while you sleep. You do create it, but it is also to some degree independent of you. As your ego experiences changes in its relationship with the physical world, so do you change aspects of the dream world accordingly, and enrich it.

The dream universe also enriches your own existence. There is great interplay here, and a continual interchange of energies, and of energies that are transformed and recharged, so to speak, through their constant passage between fields. Dreams, perhaps more clearly than anything else, can help you understand the concept of value fulfillment, and of the expansion that does not take up space.

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The Crucifixion was one of the gigantic realities that transformed and enriched both the universe of dreams and the universe of matter, and it originated in the universe of dreams. It was a main contribution of that field to your own, and could be compared physically to an emergence of a new planet within the physical universe.

The reality, the physical reality, of fire was such a contribution made by the physical universe to the universe of dreams. Physical man, observing fire, dreamed of it, thereby immeasurably enriching the universe of dreams. His discovery in the physical universe of domesticating fire was another such contribution to the dream universe.

The ascension of Christ did not occur in time as you know it. It is a contribution of the universe of dreams to your own universe, representing knowledge within the dream universe that man was independent of physical matter ultimately.

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Now, and this can hardly be called a controversial statement, the imagination is waking man’s connection with the universe of dreams. Imagination often restates dream data, and applies it to particular circumstances or problems within the physical universe. Imagination is never basically destructive. In some cases the ego construction may be weak, or incapable of holding its own, in which case the imagination is often said to be too excitable, and to be at fault.

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These realities, because of their continuing effects within your system, and their actual transformation of it, should be studied thoroughly, for much can be gained in this way. Like transformations are made by events in your universe upon the dream universe. Often, again, the dream universe possesses concepts which will, some day, completely transform the history of your field; but a denial of such concepts as actualities or possibilities within reality, hold these back, and put off breakthroughs that are sorely needed.

Such developments would mean the releasing and availability of added energy into your field, that would have endless possibilities in all directions. Ideas and concepts are nonphysical actualities that attract unaligned energy, direct and concentrate it. The dream world exists more closely in that spacious present of which the inner self is so aware. It is not as involved with camouflage constructions as your own universe, and its actions are somewhat limited within its own framework.

It might be said then, that in many ways the dream universe depends upon you to give it expression, in the same manner that you also depend upon it to find expression, although in this case you have other outlets, and it has few. The impact of any given dream has physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psychological and psychic repercussions. These are also actual and continuing, and they not only represent a part of your environment in all of these cases, but they affect most deeply the ordinary channels of everyday life.

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