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TES3 Session 115 December 16, 1964 8/56 (14%) universe contribution december storefront realities

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(December 17, Thursday, 11:30 AM: I concentrated on traveling psychically to Marian Spaziani’s kitchen, and kept repeating her name over and over. For a second I glimpsed a small kitchen, that reminded me of Marie Colucci’s. Was Marian perhaps there? I had a feeling of extreme lightness, and a slight feeling of rising. Also another hard-to-describe feeling, one of an overall inner motion.

(December 18, Friday, 11:30 AM: Again a feeling of extreme lightness. Feeling of no bed under ankles or feet, after first feeling as though my lower arms and hands rose. My thumbs then seemed to hold on to a pocket of “no space.”

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(December 21, Monday, 11:30 AM: Heard mentally, separately, the names: Foster, Lancaster. I was speaking them mentally. I also saw two people dimly. I had the impression of a doctor and a nurse, ushering someone into a side room and then closing another door that blocked my “vision.” I don’t know any Foster or Lancaster.)

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(I would like to note here that one night during the second week in December, possibly around the 11th or 12th, I awoke out of a sound sleep to become aware that both arms and hands were involved in my rather familiar sensation of enlargement and of elevation. The feeling of enlargement centers mainly on the tops of the limbs, as though they were swelling, and is not to be confused with the overall thrilling or tingling sensation I often refer to. I have now experienced both sensations many times. As far as I can consciously recall, this instances is the first I have experienced upon coming out of a sleep. I was lying upon my back at the time, and this is the position I use while trying psychological time.

(December 17, 18, 19: Missed.

(December 20, Sunday, 8 PM: Another interesting experience. Upon lying down I experienced my familiar thrilling sensation three separate times, the last time strongly. I saw briefly various male and female figures, some of them apparently monster types.

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(December 21, Monday, 8:15 PM: Interrupted by baby crying downstairs, but prior to this a good state achieved. I saw a few figures, male and female.

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