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TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 25/81 (31%) universe parallel inwardness origin fire

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

I would like to speak concerning the parallel development of the universe of matter as you know it, the universe of negative matter, and what is truly the universe of dreams.

We have spoken concerning the relative impossibility of first origins as you consider them, occurring at a particular point in your time. Inward, individualized, aware energy existed before the conception of your time, your time obviously being an interpretation of the spacious present, from which all creation not only originally began but continues in terms of value fulfillment. Without such a development before the conception of your time, indeed, your universe would never have come into existence.

There are points, quite imaginary, that can be used as references. However, those who ask concerning the time of the origin of consciousness within your universe, are those who do not understand that the most minute physical particle, the most microscopic, is a materialization of inner, aware energy.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

As the dream does not begin then at any particular moment, neither did your physical universe begin at any given moment, and neither did the inwardness become born in terms of cause and effect.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

I will truly confuse you. I will here add however not only that the universe you know had no particular origin in your time; and I will add that its roots, if we may so speak, continually go in all directions. Within your terms then they may be said even now to be traveling as far backward as they are forward, simultaneously.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

Again, it is your comparatively one-lined perspective that makes you think in terms of one particular beginning. This will undoubtedly be difficult to consider, nevertheless there are countless beginnings, even of your own universe, occurring at different reference points in various perspectives; and it is impossible to trace backward your own thin line, since it is interwoven and actually a part of so many others.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

I am again, not here praising the intuitions above the intellect. They are both intended for different purposes. They tune in on different realities, and all realities are actual. Nevertheless our last session, with its simplified explanation of development in terms that you can understand, should lead you to realize that because of the parallel development of the dream universe with the physical universe, the study of the dream universe will help you comprehend the basic inwardness behind the physical world that you inhabit.

Both the dream universe and the universe of negative matter then, are by-products of the physical universe, in that they were formed as inward energy attempted to form itself in a physical way.

The physical materialization was so constructed that it resulted in further regeneration of inward energy itself. I would like to repeat that dreams occur constantly, whether you wake or sleep; and this has always been the case. The dream universe has also affected your own physical universe, as the physical universe has strongly affected it.

Concepts, ideas, realized in dreams, have then been constructed physically. Physical constructions and inventions, purely in terms of a new intellectual comprehension of physical matter, have also transformed the nature of the dream universe, and enriched it, adding to the symbolistic freedoms possible there.

Earlier I mentioned fire, which was intellectually grasped by man and therefore materialized in the world of matter. Previously the dream world symbolically used fire only in terms of its power to transform matter. Man was not able to see fire earlier in terms of beneficial warmth or comfort. He could not for example in his dream universe then manipulate fire, except in terms of what he considered destruction.

With his intellectual appreciation of the benefits of fire that followed his physical mastery of it, then his dream universe became enriched with a new freedom. This is but one simple example. While development of the two universes overall is parallel, no exact evenness in all respects is achieved. That is, a concept may be brilliantly alive in the dream universe but unexpressed physically, or for one reason or another an intellectual comprehension in the physical universe may not find expression in the dream universe. But overall there is parallel development.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

The relationship between these two universes is truly astounding, and such interchanges have great transforming effects.

There are breakthroughs in the dream universe from the physical universe, as well as from the dream universe into your own. The dream universe, for the purposes of our explanation, is a specific one. For you I must speak in terms of directions, since there is difficulty due to your insistence on placements in space.

So for simplicity’s sake I will have you imagine that the dream universe occupies a position on the other side of the physical universe, with the entity separated from the dream universe by the physical. Do you see?

[... 1 paragraph ...]

Imagine the analogy psychologically again, using the physical universe as the ego, with the dream universe in one direction and the entity on the other.

It goes without saying, or should, that the inner self sends its projections of inner senses through both the physical universe and the dream universe; yet all this talk of space and placement is a mere convenience. Yet, in terms of physical construction this is what you would find, and this, if it were understood, is what is seen in the actual construction of the most minute physical particle under observation in your laboratories.

But the significance is not seen. No energy is not used. Entropy does not exist. It is the appearance only of an effect within the physical perspectives; that seemingly unusable energy helps form your dream universe. That energy from which you seem to get no work physically, that energy which seems to diminish in value, is plowed backward into inwardness, regenerated and used to form universes without which you could not exist even as physical beings.

For without the dream universe you could not exist physically. I am going to quickly embark into the universe of negative matter, but briefly, only to show you the interwoven quality of existence; and how we will follow it in discussion.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

A closed system could become captured, so to speak, and be used as a building block, still retaining its individuality, by other systems still expanding. In this manner your physical universe, dream universe, and universe of negative matter have come together, while retaining their boundaries as a more or less closed system.

You will have to understand that I speak for simplicity’s sake, since no system is completely closed. Now. We have not said nearly enough about the dream universe, to really launch a discussion concerning its by-product. Nevertheless I shall tell you that its by-product is the world of negative matter.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

For practical reasons for our discussion, we will speak of these universes forming a closed system.

Energy seemingly lost or dissipated or unusable in the physical universe does indeed leave it; but it transfers itself, seeps into the dream universe, and there it helps to insure the existence of the physical universe itself, since the existence of each of these fields or universes is dependent upon the existence of the others, in most actual ways.

The energy is then transformed in the dream universe, and again regenerated and used in the formation of the universe of negative matter, into which it seeps from the dream universe. Our discussions will have to thoroughly discuss the nature of the dream universe before we can hope to consider the universe of negative matter, but it will not hurt if you keep the above mentioned facts in mind.

All the universes, while seemingly closed, have their origins one within the other. I mentioned sessions ago the connection between negative matter and positive matter, concerning the pulsations of energy into atoms in your universe. I also told you that you existed as long out of the physical universe as you existed in it, but I did not say that you existed identically.

[... 20 paragraphs ...]

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