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TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 4/81 (5%) universe parallel inwardness origin fire

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I would like to speak concerning the parallel development of the universe of matter as you know it, the universe of negative matter, and what is truly the universe of dreams.

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I am again, not here praising the intuitions above the intellect. They are both intended for different purposes. They tune in on different realities, and all realities are actual. Nevertheless our last session, with its simplified explanation of development in terms that you can understand, should lead you to realize that because of the parallel development of the dream universe with the physical universe, the study of the dream universe will help you comprehend the basic inwardness behind the physical world that you inhabit.

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With his intellectual appreciation of the benefits of fire that followed his physical mastery of it, then his dream universe became enriched with a new freedom. This is but one simple example. While development of the two universes overall is parallel, no exact evenness in all respects is achieved. That is, a concept may be brilliantly alive in the dream universe but unexpressed physically, or for one reason or another an intellectual comprehension in the physical universe may not find expression in the dream universe. But overall there is parallel development.

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Psychologically there is no identity, although some aspects are shared. I am speaking here of identity between your selves and the existence of a parallel self in the world of negative matter. That parallel self would not be recognized by you, as psychologically identical, and is indeed quite independent, and a by-product. But since all beings can be said to be by-products in one respect, this does not imply any lack of equality.

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