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TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 7/81 (9%) universe parallel inwardness origin fire

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

We have spoken concerning the relative impossibility of first origins as you consider them, occurring at a particular point in your time. Inward, individualized, aware energy existed before the conception of your time, your time obviously being an interpretation of the spacious present, from which all creation not only originally began but continues in terms of value fulfillment. Without such a development before the conception of your time, indeed, your universe would never have come into existence.

There are points, quite imaginary, that can be used as references. However, those who ask concerning the time of the origin of consciousness within your universe, are those who do not understand that the most minute physical particle, the most microscopic, is a materialization of inner, aware energy.

To those who ask concerning the origin of that inward energy you may say that the inwardness came from itself. In the spacious present there simply is no past. There can be no point of origin in time as you conceive it. It is only within your camouflage perspective that this remark appears illogical, but this does not mean that you still cannot grasp some of its meaning, using your own inner experience.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

I will truly confuse you. I will here add however not only that the universe you know had no particular origin in your time; and I will add that its roots, if we may so speak, continually go in all directions. Within your terms then they may be said even now to be traveling as far backward as they are forward, simultaneously.

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The first origin, my dear friends, is constantly reoccurring, but never in the same or exact manner, never in terms of a rehappening or of a record played over and over.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

You, any man, participates in more varied perspectives than he knows consciously, and appears in one way or another in more dimensions than he knows. You may again recall our fifth dimensional imaginary structure. Since all parts were ultimately interconnected, it is impossible to give any one part an origin in terms that could be comprehended by anyone who inhabited a particular unit within.

[... 31 paragraphs ...]

All the universes, while seemingly closed, have their origins one within the other. I mentioned sessions ago the connection between negative matter and positive matter, concerning the pulsations of energy into atoms in your universe. I also told you that you existed as long out of the physical universe as you existed in it, but I did not say that you existed identically.

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