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TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 8/81 (10%) universe parallel inwardness origin fire

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We have spoken concerning the relative impossibility of first origins as you consider them, occurring at a particular point in your time. Inward, individualized, aware energy existed before the conception of your time, your time obviously being an interpretation of the spacious present, from which all creation not only originally began but continues in terms of value fulfillment. Without such a development before the conception of your time, indeed, your universe would never have come into existence.

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To those who ask concerning the origin of that inward energy you may say that the inwardness came from itself. In the spacious present there simply is no past. There can be no point of origin in time as you conceive it. It is only within your camouflage perspective that this remark appears illogical, but this does not mean that you still cannot grasp some of its meaning, using your own inner experience.

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As the dream does not begin then at any particular moment, neither did your physical universe begin at any given moment, and neither did the inwardness become born in terms of cause and effect.

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I am again, not here praising the intuitions above the intellect. They are both intended for different purposes. They tune in on different realities, and all realities are actual. Nevertheless our last session, with its simplified explanation of development in terms that you can understand, should lead you to realize that because of the parallel development of the dream universe with the physical universe, the study of the dream universe will help you comprehend the basic inwardness behind the physical world that you inhabit.

Both the dream universe and the universe of negative matter then, are by-products of the physical universe, in that they were formed as inward energy attempted to form itself in a physical way.

The physical materialization was so constructed that it resulted in further regeneration of inward energy itself. I would like to repeat that dreams occur constantly, whether you wake or sleep; and this has always been the case. The dream universe has also affected your own physical universe, as the physical universe has strongly affected it.

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But the significance is not seen. No energy is not used. Entropy does not exist. It is the appearance only of an effect within the physical perspectives; that seemingly unusable energy helps form your dream universe. That energy from which you seem to get no work physically, that energy which seems to diminish in value, is plowed backward into inwardness, regenerated and used to form universes without which you could not exist even as physical beings.

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For energy regenerates itself. And as I have told you consciousness, conscious energy, continually manifests itself in various forms. Now. Remember last session’s explanation of mental enclosures, composed of inward, individualized, aware energy, materializing itself in physical form, and at a particular point closing off and becoming more or less a closed system.

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