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TES3 Session 109 November 23, 1964 2/81 (2%) universe parallel inwardness origin fire

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Earlier I mentioned fire, which was intellectually grasped by man and therefore materialized in the world of matter. Previously the dream world symbolically used fire only in terms of its power to transform matter. Man was not able to see fire earlier in terms of beneficial warmth or comfort. He could not for example in his dream universe then manipulate fire, except in terms of what he considered destruction.

With his intellectual appreciation of the benefits of fire that followed his physical mastery of it, then his dream universe became enriched with a new freedom. This is but one simple example. While development of the two universes overall is parallel, no exact evenness in all respects is achieved. That is, a concept may be brilliantly alive in the dream universe but unexpressed physically, or for one reason or another an intellectual comprehension in the physical universe may not find expression in the dream universe. But overall there is parallel development.

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