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TES3 Session 108 November 18, 1964 3/86 (3%) inwardness outwardness fruit sonja november

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(Yesterday a friend from our Sayre days visited us. We had not seen Sonja for several years. She is a nurse, has married a doctor from Turkey, and is spending a few months in this country before joining him in Turkey. Sonja has always been attached to a portrait I had painted before Jane and I were married, and at various times had urged me to sell it to her. Yesterday she asked me again to sell her the painting, and I did even though it had sentimental value for Jane and I.

(The portrait is one of my “people” that I had painted without a model, which is my favorite way of doing people. Seth has said that I paint these portraits of unknowns because I have received telepathic data on them. At one time I had decided never to sell the portrait, but gradually changed my view on this in the light of my own feelings, along with Seth’s statements concerning my using my work to influence others. Yesterday I thought I had more understanding why Sonja wanted the painting, and so decided to sell it. I felt it might possibly remind her of a past life, or a past-life location. The painting was rather abstract, but hinted at a Middle East background, and the head was in a turban of sorts.

(I did not know it at the time, but Jane would have preferred that I keep the painting. Truth to tell, we both missed it after Sonja left. However I have photographs of it and will now do another one similar to it. The results should be better since I am a better artist now.

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