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TES3 Session 108 November 18, 1964 9/86 (10%) inwardness outwardness fruit sonja november

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(Trying psychological time for fifteen minutes on Tuesday, November 17, and Wednesday, November 18, Jane achieved an excellent state on each day.

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(November 19, Thursday, 11:30 AM: Excellent state achieved.

(November 20, Friday, 11:30 AM: Same.

(November 23, Monday, 11:45 AM: Saw a funny tall cylinder structure covered with red wood. It was not wood inside. I heard the name “Toby” mentally. Thought it might be a person’s.

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(November 19, Thursday, 8:30 PM: Mild thrilling sensation upon lying down. Hands enlarged somewhat on tops. The unusual thing achieved this time was that my left heel came to feel that there was nothing beneath it, as though it hung off the edge of the bed. The sensation had good duration and was unmistakable. I verified that my foot actually was on the bed by exerting pressure. This sensation is like some Jane has experienced recently. She achieved a much greater degree, however, as when she attempted to travel psychically and ended up in her trance of November 4, 1964. See page 116.

(November 23, Monday, 8:15 PM: This was my most active experience since resuming psychological time study. I experienced sensation, sight and sound. Most of the sightings and sounds are now hard to recall, frustratingly enough, but they were very vivid at the time, and I did achieve partial duration in memory.

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(Monday night, November 23, 12 PM: Upon retiring I experienced with good duration many sightings of painted trees, brush, etc. in fall colors. Had been working on such a landscape today.

(November 24, Tuesday, 12:00 PM: Again a very vivid experience. First upon retiring I had a recurrence of seeing the painted trees, for some little time. I then switched to receiving other vague scenes which I quickly lost track of.

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