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TES3 Session 108 November 18, 1964 21/86 (24%) inwardness outwardness fruit sonja november

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I would like to speak this evening further along the lines of camouflage. Matter is as you know camouflage, the outwardness of energy. The outwardness is formed through the inwardness, not the other way around.

There is always an excess of this inwardness, struggling to express itself in an outward form. For this reason a study of the outwardness will never result in true comprehension of the inwardness. There will always be that inside which is still unexpressed.

The inwardness is individualized. This is the rule. There is no unindividualized energy. There is no energy that is not to some extent aware of itself; having sought and achieved expression through physical form in one way or another, it is not satisfied but forever seeks more complicated gestalts.

The inwardness therefore flows through and forms matter, and the inwardness remains when it has finished expression in any given form. As you know in the case of man, memory, experience and value fulfillment is not lost as the inwardness disregards one form. This would deny value fulfillment itself.

I have told you that energy always regenerates itself, but the implications here psychically are astounding, as the inward energy forms gestalt after gestalt; and each gestalt itself then continues to go on, itself regenerating, forming new personalities which are never destroyed.

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Here you see, psychically and electromagnetically, something close in concept to your birth process, but without the eventual death of the parents. For this psychic creation is spontaneous. This inwardness of course is the basis for all existences, and pushes its way into everything that is, since it is the inwardness of all.

There are possibilities in all inwardness, that seek to establish conditions that will make it possible for them to come into existence. They, the possibilities inherent in inwardness, collect magnetically, so to speak, about other like possibilities, setting up coherent fields of like attractions. In your universe they began with the psychic possibility of a world of physical matter, born in consciousness.

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The inwardness, as you know, is conscious of itself; but forming this new universe it could express its consciousness only through matter as it formed it, beginning with the innate, rather generalized consciousness of atoms. When sufficient atoms were formed from inward energy, then more various combinations became possible, and with them an accelerated consciousness could be made apparent.

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This inwardness is so adaptive and self-generating, seeking all outlets and possibilities, that it not only in your case formed a physical universe, but found new ways, operating through the new physical universe, to construct an additional field or plane within and completely through, or on the other side of while yet within the physical universe; this being your dream world, which is made possible because of the physical mechanisms and involvements themselves.

And then within this same physical universe, the inwardness was not content to find expression through but one form only, but in multitudinous forms and degrees. What you call reincarnation is only one aspect of a particular interest in the whole regenerative psychic process within your physical universe.

Remember now that the abilities of the inwardness determines the outward form, species and so forth. In the beginnings within your universe psychic characteristics grouped into units of attraction, so that mental enclosures were formed that could be compared to the smallest physical particle.

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The unified units, then stronger, began again the process of joining with other such units through attraction. Some such units closed their boundaries and therefore captured, so to speak, no other psychic inwardness, but were content at this stage; and they became self-contained, relatively changeless physical units.

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In your paintings, Joseph, you attempt to show the inwardness behind the completed physical construction, to hint at the endless nature of the inwardness which is imprisoned briefly in the outwardness.

When Ruburt attempts his paintings he tries to catch the inwardness before its moment of construction, with the form not yet fully in appearance, but between. It is for this reason that he has so much difficulty with his perspective.

He is concerned with inwardness just before it materializes within your perspective. You, Joseph, look through the outward in its physical completion and perfection, through to the inwardness which fills your paintings of physical objects, as it fills physical objects themselves.

Through the outwardness, beautifully constructed, you hint at the significance within, and you bring it out, actually through, the form. Ruburt shows the inwardness, trying to express itself in form, the coming together at the point just before the physical event.

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Allegorically speaking, from the inside he reaches outward, his hands full of inwardness, but it is you who form the inwardness. In the past you have been afraid of what you considered, but no longer consider, the chaos of inwardness. And he was afraid of what he considered the frozen nature of the inwardness, once formed.

He is now more able to deal with this, and you are much better equipped now to grapple with the inwardness, so that you have both helped each other immensely in this way.

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There are so many interconnections, and with the construction of the physical universe inward energy was so inventive, that even further possibilities began early to show themselves. Anything constructed, in any field, attains reality.

Reality means consciousness, and through the very physical apparatus developed by inwardness, which was aware from the beginning, further embellishments became possible for consciousness itself. The inwardness not only formed physical matter then, but formed new dimensions of inwardness itself, new dynamics from which consciousness could originate.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

It amuses me, as a last thought, that your word “pit”, in sound, is like a core, and suggesting depth for considering inwardness as the pit. You see how the matter is built around it.

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