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TES3 Session 108 November 18, 1964 4/86 (5%) inwardness outwardness fruit sonja november

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It will be found in some important respects that the dream universe, which began even then, has somewhat the same relationships to the physical universe, but on a psychic level, that the physical universe has to the universe of negative matter. They represent skins, layers of skin, all belonging to the same fruit. Someone holding the fruit might be able to peel away the layers, but as for the fruit itself, the layers while making up the fruit are to all intents and purposes separate.

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There is a communication possible between your universe and the universe of negative matter, but it does not involve the physical self. You are, in your present, confined to our imaginary fruit, yet to some extent you can know it much more thoroughly than you do, and its three layers can be understood to a much greater degree.

When you attempt space travel for example, you are attempting to travel around the complete fruit, but only within or upon one layer of skin. The circle is indeed important; and traveling in one dimension only about it, on the physical plane even, would require more, much much more, abilities than you have available.

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This session has been extremely fruitful, all layers considered.

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