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TMA Session Eight: September 3, 1980 2/27 (7%) reasoning government caretaker citizens impressed

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Now: Had Ruburt gone to a doctor or a faith healer when we began our last group of sessions, and then in a matter of a week or so found himself able again to walk with his [typing] table across the kitchen floor, some thirteen or fourteen steps perhaps, where before three were his uncomfortable limit, he might have attributed the improvement to a doctor’s treatment or to a faith healer’s ability — but he would have been impressed. He would have been impressed also with the greater obvious motion of his feet, the feelings of release in the legs now spreading to the back and shoulders.

Those improvements came about in their way magically, because he has begun to use and understand this material. So let him be just as impressed — in fact, more impressed — at the body’s natural healing processes, that will naturally flow and are naturally flowing when he allows himself to trust his life and the support of his own being.

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