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TMA Session Fourteen: September 29, 1980 3/26 (12%) psychology modern effortlessness explosive deranged

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Now: For Ruburt, I want him to remember the idea of effortlessness, because with the best of intentions he has been trying too hard. (Pause.) I want him to remember that relaxation is one of creativity’s greatest champions — not its enemy. He is naturally gifted with the quickness of body and mind. Remind him that it is safe to express his natural (underlined) rhythms, to remember the natural person. Your most vital inspirations are effortlessly yours. I want you to see how many of your beliefs are the result of the old framework, for in that way you will find yourselves releasing yourselves more and more, so that your own strengths come to your support.

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(10:14 P.M. Jane had no idea of most of the material in the session — that is, she hadn’t known Seth was going to deliver it. Now, however, she remembered that just before the session she’d picked up the idea that Seth would mention effortlessness in connection with her own situation.)

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