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WTH Chapter 9: May 29, 1984 4/21 (19%) unmanly cross purposes express boys

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The next chapter, to be headed: “You, You, You, and You. Living at Cross Purposes.”

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In fact, you may discover not just one you, but several you’s, so to speak, each pursuing certain purposes, and you may find out furthermore that some such purposes cancel others out, while some are diametrically opposed to each other. Such cross purposes, of course, can lead to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional difficulties.

Many people believe that it is dangerous to make themselves known, to express their own ideas or abilities. Such individuals may be highly motivated, on the other hand, to become accomplished in some art or profession or other field of activity. In such cases you have two cross-purposes operating — the desire to express oneself, and the fear of doing so.

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