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WTH Chapter 1: January 25, 1984 4/27 (15%) bible elders paternal maude glen

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(I also told Jane about the entertaining time I’d had this morning checking Biblical genealogies, preparatory to the note I want to write for Chapter 5 of Dreams. Seth’s elders would have lived long before those in the Bible — or would they? For Adam was the first man, at least according to the Bible. It would depend upon what terms one chose within which to view the situation.

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(4:00. Carla and Shannon took her vitals — temperature 98.3. Jane said she wanted to have a session. I mentioned to her my idea that Seth’s elders must predate by far the elders of the Bible, and she agreed.)

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(Long pause.) The Bible is a conglomeration of parables and stories, intermixed with some unclear memories of much earlier times. The bible that you recognize — or that is recognized — is not the first, however, but was compiled from several earlier ones as man tried to look back, so to speak, and recount his past and predict his future.

Such bibles existed, not written down but carried orally, as mentioned some time ago, by the Speakers. It was only much later that this information was written down, and by then, of course, much had been forgotten. This is apart from the fact of tampering, or downright misinformation (long pause) as various factions used the material for their own ends.

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