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WTH Chapter 1: January 16, 1984 2/29 (7%) boxcar sue kitten chassis trinkets

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(Next, Jane said she was trying to find a radio and recorder here at our hill house in Elmira so that Sue Watkins, who lives an hour’s drive to the north, could borrow it. While searching she suddenly found a lot of cubbyholes filled with trinkets that she knew were all hers, and she was very pleased at this knowledge. “Then the rest of the time I was involved with recorders.” She found herself inside something like a boxcar that was also the inside chassis of a cassette-playing machine. In this chassis Jane and Sue were going up and down and around beautiful, jewel-like green hills. “It was fantastic.” Then like a rising sun Jane saw her own enormous face looking down at it all — the jewel colors, Sue and herself, the vehicle.

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The boxcar elements, beside the explanation already given, also represented the body as a vehicle, moving easily and swiftly. The entire episode shows the way that the mind derives new experience through using more than one level of consciousness at any given time. And the small trinkets that Ruburt discovered to his own delight represented the small but very valuable pleasures of daily life that he is now reclaiming.

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