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WTH Chapter 1: January 11, 1984 2/22 (9%) leg extremes sasquatch ph.d steiner

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(Last night in the mail I found Carol Steiner’s Ph.D. thesis on the Seth material, which she’d promised in November. We knew a year ago she was writing this for her doctorate in philosophy. Quite interesting, but as I told Jane, it reminded me of just what a task it is to start at the beginning and present an explanation of the Seth material. From our viewpoint I suppose it seems like more is left unsaid than said — but this may always be true in such cases. Carol wants to publish the work, and asks about a Butts-Roberts biography — something I think we’ll probably pass upon. I’ll write our publisher, Prentice-Hall.

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(4:30 p.m. Jane felt better. I told her that Seth didn’t go into our questions about his material in yesterday’s session, concerning changing the past from the present, nor did he comment on Carol Steiner’s Ph.D. thesis on the Seth material. I’d showed it to Jane, of course, but she hadn’t been able to read it.

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