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WTH Chapter 1: January 11, 1984 4/22 (18%) leg extremes sasquatch ph.d steiner

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(I was getting my stuff together preparatory to leaving for the evening when Jane said she’d been thinking it over, and had something to tell me. It turned out that she was — is — impaired in feeling free to walk because of her broken right leg, she said.

(Then she revealed that more and more she’s worrying about why the right leg looks so much shorter than the left one. It doesn’t seem possible to her that she’ll be able to walk on it even if she does straighten it out. We talked for a little while. I’m afraid the talk didn’t make her feel any better. I’ve known for some time that a problem exists there as to why the leg is shorter-looking. “But then,” I said, “we’re not supposed to think that way. We’re supposed to have the confidence that the body knows what it’s doing, and will fix that leg in whatever manner is necessary.” Jane agreed, of course, but I could see she was quite upset.

(I said she may have to get a medical opinion, but that I felt that if they wanted to X-ray the leg tomorrow, she’d say no. I would dearly love to see the leg begin to relax, to straighten out to at least a degree. I’m terribly concerned at the stress involved in her holding the right leg so doubled up against her groin. As I said, I still don’t really know why the body has to do this. That even if the bones had been weakened by prolonged stress, with her improved appetite and attitude, that danger period should be at least somewhat alleviated by now. No more bones have broken.

(In short, Jane, the right leg is evidently to play a central role in your recovery — not only a physical one, but a vital one concerning changes in belief about the whole thing. Ironic indeed, I thought as I drove home, if the broken leg would serve as the last, final impetus toward clearing our psyches of the last of the old, damaging beliefs, so that the new synthesis can finally take place: the body can heal itself …

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