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WTH Chapter 1: January 11, 1984 2/22 (9%) leg extremes sasquatch ph.d steiner

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Your situations can be called extreme — but true extremes are far less fortunate. You have, for example, the extremes of poverty suffered by people in many other parts of the world — a poverty that stunts all kinds of growth, mental and physical, and brings about an early death. Or the extremes of disease, in which children are born without all the faculties needed for life, and — therefore also die an early death. Or those extremes when entire families suffer patterns of tragedy so whole numbers are wiped out at one time.

There are reasons for such cases, of course. I simply wanted you to know that many very severe extremes exist, that would make your lives seem most favorable in contrast. Since you both have such mental agility and a history in this life of health and vitality, that history can be used by Ruburt, if he recalls himself running up and down the steps of the art gallery, for example. His mind and body both must recognize the validity of those motions, so that there should be no contradictory material to block it.

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