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1. Parallel Man

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“The growth of ego consciousness by itself set up both challenges and limitations. This automatically meant that emerging man, in that framework, must let go of a certain kind of animal comprehension that was extremely valuable overall, but could inhibit ego growth … For many centuries there was no clear-cut differentiation between various species of man and animal … There were also, of course, parallel developments in the emergence of physical man. Again, for many centuries, there were innumerable species of man-in-the-making, in your terms; various postures, and even types of manipulation, as well as alterations in brain size and activity. In some, different kinds of senses predominated. At the same time a great give-and-take was occurring at all levels — including vegetation, for example — so that together the creatures and the earth worked out the kind of stability best suited for the particular kind of developments that were to emerge.

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1. One might say that Seth himself provided for Jane’s material here when, back in the 681st session, he talked about parallel events, alternate realities, and probable selves and worlds.

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