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UR1 Appendix 6: (For Session 687) 4/19 (21%) ancient pathological article parallel appendix

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(While watching television last night we periodically discussed the trite thinking embodied in the article. Then, as we made ready to retire, Jane announced that she was “getting” information on the subject of ancient man — but not necessarily from Seth. She asked me if I wanted her to continue doing so. We were both tired, but I wondered if this could turn out to be an episode like the one she’d experienced before the last session, when she dictated material on the various neurological actions, or speeds, that she sensed. [See Appendix 5] Tonight’s opportunity, concerning a subject of such interest to us, implied something too good to pass by without investigation. I found a pen and some paper in Jane’s desk. We sat down at 12:10 A.M.

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(She added that her situation this evening was like the one mentioned by her in the material presented in Appendix 5. She was open to my suggestions: If I prompted her, she could go right into a session and get the information. She continued:)

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(By “the other day,” Jane actually referred to the half hour just before the 686th session last Wednesday night, when she produced the dictation given in Appendix 5 [but also see Appendix 4, for the 685th session].

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