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WTH Chapter 2: February 3, 1984 3/17 (18%) 903 shakiness transmigration 100.2 fixes

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(Jane didn’t call last night. The temperature was already up to 44 degrees when I left for 330. Jane was already on her back — she’d refused to go to hydro when they hadn’t come by 12:30. I told her I brought Session 903 of Dreams with me so I could ask her a couple of questions. She said okay.

(Jane ate an average amount for lunch. Afterward she had trouble reading Session 903, and I tried to read portions of it to her. However, I didn’t think our talk about mammals, animals, transmigration and so forth went very well. Jane said she got irritated at the questions, and I ended up feeling the same way. However, I did figure out the way to handle the few notes for the session, and decided to forget others I’d started struggling with. I already regretted the time I was spending on the session for Dreams.

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Your question about transmigration (in Session 903 in Dreams) was an excellent one, and did indeed make the matter clear. It is a temptation at times to use more specific scientific terms, but these would be as confusing as the various definitions and classifications (with humor) that you read in the dictionary, so overall we try to hit a “happy medium.” (With more humor.)

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