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WTH Chapter 2: February 11, 1984 4/22 (18%) jeff 101 antibiotic judy leanne

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(The day was very warm — 45 — as I left for 330. The car worked fine. Jane was upset when I got there — although her blotchy feet looked much better. The dark reddish patches are much less extensive. She didn’t go to hydro this morning — with her fever, Jeff didn’t want her to go. She hadn’t slept well last night, and staff had been too busy to help her turn often enough. Yet Jane doesn’t know whether she received a dose of the antibiotic during the night while she may have slept.

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(I had trouble getting the above information from Jane after lunch, because she seemed on the verge of dozing off several times. She said she got mad at Jeff and Judy this morning because of their negative beliefs. Jeff said maybe the splotches on her feet were infected, and Judy said the drainage from the small ulcer on each hip had increased. Jane finally told them to cut it out. Jeff said he’d like to know where the fever came from.

(2:45. Jane remembered to tell me that last night two students had watched as an aide checked her catheter and Foley. This in turn reminded her that Jeff had also said this morning that maybe she had an infection from the catheter, “since people always do.” She’d heard nurses say the same thing.

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(3:45. Carla took Jane’s temperature. 102.4 — the highest yet. Jane swore again. She was worried about Jeff’s reaction more than the temperature. She’s been drinking a lot of juice.

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