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WTH Chapter 2: February 11, 1984 3/22 (14%) jeff 101 antibiotic judy leanne

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(The day was very warm — 45 — as I left for 330. The car worked fine. Jane was upset when I got there — although her blotchy feet looked much better. The dark reddish patches are much less extensive. She didn’t go to hydro this morning — with her fever, Jeff didn’t want her to go. She hadn’t slept well last night, and staff had been too busy to help her turn often enough. Yet Jane doesn’t know whether she received a dose of the antibiotic during the night while she may have slept.

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(3:50. Jane started reading yesterday’s session while I did mail. She didn’t do well at all. Five minutes later Leanne came in to give her some Ascripton, or aspirin, in ice cream, for the fever. Then she hooked Jane up to a new bag of Gentamicin 40 mg., the antibiotic. It should be absorbed in half an hour, as usual. Jane went back to reading the session — still not good.

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(4:27. Leanne swept in. The antibiotic was all taken in by Jane; I’d seen it still dripping a few minutes ago. She left to get the heparin to inject into the lock on Jane’s wrist.)

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