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TECS4 ESP Class Session, October 19, 1971 2/28 (7%) dee strangers acceleration class exaltation

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Now, I would like all of you to try this with me. Imagine (to Kris)  and even you imagine your own consciousness accelerated, faster and faster and faster. Now, close your eyes if it suits you. And if it does not suit you, leave them open. Use my voice again, simply to give you something to hang on to, and translate the tones into the acceleration of your own consciousness, and translate the energy so you can use it to form your own path. And follow the acceleration of your own consciousness gladly and joyfully and openly and follow it wherever it wants to go, freely, in gratitude. Let the energy, therefore, of my voice serve as steps or pathways, whatever you desire, to lead you wherever your inner self desires to go. And know that you will return to the room, that the physical image is still within it, but allow yourself the freedom to travel between dimensions, to accept what comes to you gladly, even our Lady of Florence over there in the corner; to open up joyfully and follow, (to Florence) and you close your eyes.

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(Very loud.) I want you to climb the vowels and syllables of this voice as if they were indeed a ladder, and let them carry you into dimensions that are native to you, dimensions that are yours by right, that are your heritage; (really booming) dimensions of awareness that you carry within you both day and night, beneath the level of your ordinary days. I want you to feel that energy that belongs to you, that knowledge that is a part of your genes, that fills yourselves with acceleration and joy and exaltation. (Emphasizes every word.) And I want you to sense that identity that is your own and the purposes that are yours, the joy that is a part of your being. And hold that feeling of exaltation and experience, hold it and remember it to the end of your days, and know that within you there is the road to travel whenever you will; the road to selfknowledge and to understanding.

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