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TECS3 ESP Class Session, May 4, 1971 1/15 (7%) ron tale 1741 movement final

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Now I left you alone this evening so that you could think about your own experiences. But as the word evolution is the title for a fine tale with a little truth in it, and much distortion, so also, must the realities of consciousness sometimes be explained in terms that you can understand and in terms of your own time concepts. So what you understand of reincarnation, and of the time terms involved, is what you have been told so that you could understand it, but it is a very simplified tale, indeed. And again, it is a story, and though I have never used this term before, in class or in our sessions, and though I do not want our friend over here in the elegant outfit to become angry with me (to Sue), I will tell you that reincarnation, in its own way, is also a parable. The other word is a fable or a tale. It seems very difficult for you to understand the fact that you live many realities at one time, simultaneously, and since the time scheme seems to be such a reality to you, the multidimensional aspects of your own consciousness are explained in those terms.

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