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TECS1 ESP Class Session, February 8, 1968 5/58 (9%) lillian clifton bonnie arc indian

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(This session witnessed by: Coral Bishop, Susie Nolan, Lillian Nelson, Janet Clifton and Bonnie Anderson. Notes by Rob.

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(Bonnie Anderson now told us that for many years she has had a fear of diphtheria, strange as it seems. At break Lillian commented that she thought Jane’s delivery as Seth sounded Germanic. She also said that when speaking as Seth, Jane tended to use the same gestures and facial wrinkles shown in the portrait I have painted of Seth.

(At break reincarnation was naturally discussed, with Lillian voicing some doubts on this score. Session resumed at 10: 05. Seth pointed at Lillian.)

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*(Jane, as Seth, again pointed to Lillian.) *His daughter then marrying a man called Lines, a merchant. Difficulties in the left leg from an old wound. Also difficulties with the right ear and teeth. An overreliance upon emotionalism then, and a headstrong attitude, little given to reason. This time an effort being made to right those characteristics.

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(10:20. As I suspected, the .session was not yet over. During break Lillian told us that she had lived in Bangor as a preschool child, and had been very attached to Maine; so much so that when she left there to move to New York State, she at first refused to say she lived in NYS. Lillian also told us that she had many relatives in Boston, Mass.)

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