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TECS1 ESP Class Session, February 8, 1968 3/58 (5%) lillian clifton bonnie arc indian

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(This session witnessed by: Coral Bishop, Susie Nolan, Lillian Nelson, Janet Clifton and Bonnie Anderson. Notes by Rob.

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*(Now Jane, as Seth, pointed to Bonnie.) *One I have known vaguely in my own past. However, you would not recognize me now, though I do indeed remember you. Now, you would not know yourself, for you were a small boy of three to four years old when I knew you, and I did not know you well. This was in Denmark, and your father was a baker. You had indeed a very short life, dying at nine or ten, of diphtheria. You see, you are older than you knew you were.

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(Bonnie Anderson now told us that for many years she has had a fear of diphtheria, strange as it seems. At break Lillian commented that she thought Jane’s delivery as Seth sounded Germanic. She also said that when speaking as Seth, Jane tended to use the same gestures and facial wrinkles shown in the portrait I have painted of Seth.

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