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TECS1 ESP Class Session, February 29, 1968 2/33 (6%) dependent lillian disintegrate assure taught

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I should not be here, according to what you have been taught. According to what you have been taught, I do not exist, and yet I can assure you that I do exist. What happens in this room should not happen, according to what you have been taught, and yet it happens. It is enough to open up your own inner senses, to show you that more exists than what you have been told.

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Though you cannot find me, you know that I am here. Though your own parents seem to disappear before your eyes and vanish into eternity forever, so it seems that all that you are will also disappear. I can assure you that your parents will live. I can assure you that death is another beginning, that when you are dead, you are not silenced. For is this silence? Is this presence that you sense here now within this room, death? I am more alive than many who walk the face of your planet now. More alive than some of your professors and friends, for aliveness is dependent upon the state of your consciousness, dependent upon your awareness, your ability to perceive and to feel.

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