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TECS4 ESP Class Session, December 7, 1971 4/91 (4%) sumari bette janice language seed

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([Bette:] “This goes back to Sumari. Would I be right in saying that Sumari is like the very kernel or the very seed that we grow from?”)

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And you are Sumari now. The core is a core while it is more than the core. It is the seed. For example change core to seed. Sumari is the seed. It is also the tree that has grown from the seed and the leaves that have grown from the tree, and they all exist simultaneously. Did I get that across yet or did you like my song?

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([Bette:] “All right, so we go from the seed to the tree to the leaves. Now the leaves fall off and eventually—I know that it’s the same thing like I said with our lives,  that all are going on at the same time. It’s a cycle but does it eventually all go back to the seed?”)

The leaves, in your terms, as they fall add to further seeds. There is no difference between the leaves, the tree and the seed. These are only appearances. The seed is as much the leaf as it is the seed. It is as much the sky as it is the trunk. A tree grows as deeply within and under the earth as it does above it. It is therefore as much dirt and worms as it is bark. It is as much the birds that rest upon its branches as it is the seed that gave it birth. And in what I have said is contained the seed of your answer.

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