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TECS4 ESP Class Session, December 7, 1971 9/91 (10%) sumari bette janice language seed

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It is true that the Sumari do not communicate verbally, and yet so far you have been given what seems to be the rudiments of a language and why? You will know, but it is much more fun if you figure it out for yourselves. You are also being introduced, or you will be introduced, to some different kinds of concepts and to some different kinds of communication, so be on your toes. There should also be communications in one way or another in the dream state.

Now if you were not the Sumari you would not be here at this particular time, and if all of you did not know what it was to be Sumari you would not be here at all. You have been given a language it seems that is not a language. And since you have been given it there is a reason for it, and what earthly good is a language that is not a language? An ancient language that never was and within those paradoxes what meanings are there for you to learn? Now I have—I’ve always been Sumari. I am a tough old Sumari. I am a Sumari of the old school. A Tumali of the old school. And what is there about a language that has both beginnings and endings in it as you think of them, elements of a distant past and portents of what perhaps languages might be in your future? And why do you need a language beside the one that you have? And you need not worry, you will not have to learn declensions. I would not have you stew over that with all of your other problems (to Bette).

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Now all of you to some extent in your dream work keep records, and as such you are dealing with language as you know it, and you are interpreting your experience in terms of a mundane language that is as much a deception as it is a reflection of your feelings and experiences, for you cannot find words within your language to express your own feelings and experiences. Now, are you witnesses of the beginning of a language, the birth of a language that never existed? Are you witnesses of the reemergence of a language that was never spoken? Did it ever occur to you that there are languages that have never been verbalized, that beneath the words that you know and speak there are other sounds and other meanings that you do not approximate with the language that you know? Did it ever occur to you that there are other methods of communication and ways of learning what they are and steps to learning them?

Now you are beginning to communicate backward and trying to put aside the language that you knew and the phrases that you took for granted in order to approximate a more pure communication. One way of doing this would be to take several steps away from the language that you know to get into somewhat unfamiliar territory and to learn your way there, and then to be taken further down the primrose path where little by little the vowels and syllables themselves would disappear until you are at the pure sound and beneath that with true feeling. You see but a representation of me, as you realize. You see but a representation of this Sumari, as you realize. You see but the representation of yourselves in the mirror, as you realize, but behind these representations are larger multidimensional realities, and we have many teaching methods and you are apt learners. And we will indeed, with your permission and consent, lead you into other areas where you need not rely only upon the communication that you now take for granted, and we must begin by building bridges and so we shall.

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([Bette:] “Could we call this language a telepathic language because we are so used to sounds and physical things around us that we have to have a vehicle to connect us to other things?”)

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([Bette:] “And this language, if we...”)

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Do surprises never end? In what voices and what languages do truths come and in what packages and in what forms? And what the heart knows needs no translation, and the universe does indeed speak without words and so the truths that come to you do indeed, to some extent, come packaged or you would not perceive them. And you would throw them away for you would think the air cannot speak and space makes no noise, and in the silence there is no voice and no meaning and so voice and sound and language are given you. But let you remember that the language and the sound and the noise are packages that have been parceled for you, but for you personally, tailored for you exactly according to your own purposes and needs.

If, and I am speaking now metaphorically, if-if-if-if-if there was ever a Sumari language existing in the past then it had to be created, and if you want it to be found you had better help create it. You are forming realities. There are people, there are groups of consciousness, who cannot speak. There are feelings that have no vocal expression. There are consciousness, groups of consciousness, that try to communicate and you cannot listen because you insist that they have a language.

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Now if you would truly learn how to listen, and you are beginning to, then you would know what I am saying and my own speech lately is carefully calculated. In certain terms, and remembering what I told you earlier, in certain terms the Sumari language does exist, and in certain terms you know it well. The Sumaris certainly exist, and you are here because you are a Sumari. And the Sumari have a way of looking in on their own now and then and coming home. These are your own secrets I am bringing out into the open. Questions that you have within yourselves. You need ways to make the answers plain to you so that you can understand them. We work in two directions. First we try to bring interior knowledge outward into some kind of physical materialization where you can deal with it in terms of sound or vision, and then we try to get you to go inward and dispense with sound and vision, so you are always working in two directions at once. And since past, present and future exist now in your terms you need bridges, because you do not really understand the nature of time, so you think you need a bridge to get from past to present or from past to future or from one kind of reality to another. This is not the case, of course, but while you think you need the bridges they are provided, and the Sumari are voices that call to you though they do not have sound. They are memories that come to you from yourselves from both the future and the past. They are yourselves speaking to you in multitudinous voices in many languages focused for you in a particular place and a particular time. You are the Sumari who communicate with you and they are you.

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