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TPS7 Deleted Session October 29, 1983 4/28 (14%) foot sweaty knee safe motions

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(4:05 More, stronger motions, head and chest sideways, left foot lifting up highest at the ankle that its done so far. Then Jane actually lifted the whole foot clear of the bed as it kept flexing. The knee didn’t open more, though. Breathing hard. The effort of the new motion showed in her hip and thigh and belly, tensing all of those muscles. When she rested, Jane said the foot “levitated.”

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(4:15. Jane began another series of motions after a short rest, especially involving her right arm, wrist and hand. Then her feet began going in time with the arm.

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(4:40. Strong side-to-side motions of head and shoulders, panting. The supper tray came. “I keep watching the clock,” Jane said. More upper torso movements. She was concerned at the amount of time she was taking up with her motions, but I told her to forget that. She asked me to ask Seth if she was in a trance when she did her motions sometimes: “If I can ever calm down enough to do it,” she added, referring to having a session. I said I thought she might be at least some of the time; the new motions, repeated, could act to put her “under” because of the novelty of the new motions, etc. Jane talked about having become afraid of her natural agility, of exceeding her physical capacity.

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Under the banner of the structure of which I have spoken, he is perfectly safe and supported. The motion is taking place under the auspices of the session, to reintroduce him to his own agility.

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