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TPS7 Deleted Session October 28, 1983 5/43 (12%) head bet torso lifting bod

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(3:32. She began a generalized motion of her whole body, lifting her head and upper torso off the bed and moving them from side to side.

(3:36. Suddenly Jane began to rotate her right arm in concert with lifting her head and neck off the bod—seemingly as fast as could be done. Once again she gave me the feeling that she—her body—was practicing control and coordination. This was all a good workout in itself. She made strange grunting sounds with her efforts, and almost violent motions.

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(3:46. At her request I rubbed Jane’s “spot” on the back of her neck. Her head began to jump back and forth again very rapidly. Then I searched for a second spot on the top of her head—and when I found it with my middle finger Jane’s head suddenly began to jerk very rapidly from side to side. She cried out, disoriented with the quickness of the motion. I couldn’t tell whether her eyes were open or closed—nor could she when I asked her later. At the same time her feet began to move in a distinct rhythm with the sideways head movements. All very fast.

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(4:06. Jane had a cigarette. She still felt the aftereffects of her head motion. “It must be you wanted to work on the head today,” I said. “Or the body does—that’s what I really mean,” Jane said even her jaw felt loose. She also said she didn’t feel any soreness in her muscles the next day, say, after she’d begun using it.

(4:10. After her cigarette Jane began to groan and writhe on the bed, her head, torso, legs and feet all moving. Even her eye muscles moved, she said. The performance didn’t last long, but she seemed to expend a lot of effort in the motions. “What the hell was I doing?” she asked, surprised.

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