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TPS7 Deleted Session October 27, 1983 4/34 (12%) torso moving belly groaning arm

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(She kept it up at 4:06. I thought her motions might make up for the actual session today. She began lifting her head and upper torso, moving it from side to side, with new motion and considerable success. I hadn’t seen her do this for years. It was another great sign, I told her.

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(4:09. Groaning and grunting and trying even harder and more loudly, Jane once again began lifting her head and torso and moving them from side to side. “What am I doing, Bob? God, what noises....”

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(4:18. Now there was a general movement of head, torso, legs and feet. Jane’s whole body moved and twisted on the mattress, which flexed beneath her accordingly. She couldn’t have done this even last Monday. “What am I doing, Bob?” she asked again, surprised. “If I could just sit on the edge of the bed in a month, even.”

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(4:24. Once again she began noisily moving her head and torso from side to side—her best effort yet—the motion having repercussions in her belly and hips, legs and feet. I suggested she not overdo it.

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