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TPS7 Deleted Session October 27, 1983 3/34 (9%) torso moving belly groaning arm

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(2:45. She began moving about on the bed. I rubbed her neck in that certain spot and her head began to flop back and forth as it has been doing. She did a lot of grunting and pushing, and had movement in her belly and hips. Then her knees wanted to get into the act, and her feet and toes.

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(Dawn came in to take Jane’s temperature—97.5—to start the daily round of vitals, at 3:30. At 4:00 Jane told me to get out my pad in case Seth came through. She began to flex her arms. She did especially well with her head and right arm, then the feet began to move. “Then my feet get hot,” she said, then exclaimed in pleasure, “Look how fast it’s going”—meaning her left big toe. Then all of her toes began to move to various degrees. Jane’s head began to lift repeatedly off the pillow. Groaning and straining, making hoarse sounds of effort, she began to struggle to move her whole body. I could see the effort travel up her left leg into the hips and her belly. “The whole body is trying to move,” I said, “as though you’re trying to move it in a dream.”

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(4:24. Once again she began noisily moving her head and torso from side to side—her best effort yet—the motion having repercussions in her belly and hips, legs and feet. I suggested she not overdo it.

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