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TPS5 Deleted Session October 25, 1978 2/35 (6%) pendulum teeth soothe kosok michael

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*(9:50.) *Now give us a moment.... (Eyes closed.) The letter I wrote to [Michael] Kosok does indeed apply, and in its way so does the article about the psychologist that Ruburt was telling you about.

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*(10: l4 PM. Seth wrote the letter to Michael Kosok on July 28, 1975, in the 752nd session. Coupled with the letter is a treatise written by Jane herself, which contains excellent material on how our perceptions form our reality, from that of electrons on up. It is really very good, and a work that I’d completely forgotten about; I see now that it should have been incorporated into *“Unknown” Reality somewhere. It concerns the ideas that concepts, as well as our senses, act as programmers of reality. It deals very well with how we create our scientific views of the universe. Jane told me yesterday, when she found it in an old notebook, that although she wrote it, it “certainly came from Seth.”

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