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TPS7 Deleted Session October 21, 1983 2/34 (6%) fred ear georgia lorrie doughnut

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(Jane is off the Kefzol, the antibiotic Fred Kardon had her on after she broke her right leg. Fred took her off it this morning. He also visited her. Early this morning Georgia had noticed what she took to be a swelling over the break and the ulcer on the right knee, and suspected drainage problems. When Fred came into 330 Georgia had told Mary Ann about it, and Mary Ann pointed it out to Fred. He looked at it and said any swelling was “due to the arthritis.”

(What a comedy of errors, I told Jane. First the girls are wrong about the cause of the slight swelling, then Fred gives her a lousy suggestion about arthritis! I told Jane I hoped the whole episode served as a warning as to what hospitals were really like, and the well-meaning but misguided people who worked in them. Jane answered my question about whether Fred had any idea he was giving out rotten suggestions about arthritis by saying that it never occurred to him—or any other doctor.

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