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TPS7 Deleted Session October 21, 1983 2/34 (6%) fred ear georgia lorrie doughnut

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(Then I looked up to see Jane reaching up to her left ear with her left hand—in a spontaneous gesture I haven’t seen her do in I don’t know when. It looked unnatural to see her do this. She was surprised too. It was another great sign, I told her. With her gesture Jane couldn’t quite reach the ear, which itched. She began to move on the bed, twisting her hands and wrists and rotating her arms. “But you will reach it,” I said, delighted. She tried again—and did reach the ear. She actually dug a bit of wax out of it with a forefinger. “I got it. I got it,” she exclaimed. Obviously, this was something she couldn’t even manage yesterday, let alone last week, say.

(“And that’s another sign,” I said, as she scratched her chin on the right side with that same left hand. As of now she can’t get her right hand up to her right ear by some little distance—but she will, I told her.

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