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TPS7 Deleted Session October 21, 1983 2/34 (6%) fred ear georgia lorrie doughnut

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(Jane’s new freedom of motion continues in many ways. Many of those ways are small yet, but show signs of enlarging—and none of them even existed a short time ago. Turning her back on her back went much more easily this noon; she’s also dispensed with the pillow between her legs, and using a doughnut sponge we used to use before the leg break. I massaged Jane’s neck, after she had trouble trying to read yesterday’s session. The massage is supposed to help her eyes, according to Seth.

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(At 4:45 I got ready to turn Jane on her side with the doughnut between her knees. I massaged her neck briefly first, and her left leg. The turn went very well indeed—much less painful for my wife. That made two good turns today, I said, and she agreed. After she was on her side I used Oil of Olay to massage her feet, lower legs, arms and hands, talking to all of those portions —and new movements were apparent in all areas. Wonderful. I took a nap at 5:00.)

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