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TPS7 Deleted Session October 20, 1983 3/23 (13%) bloated essays massage medical chin

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(She ate well. After lunch I explained the situation about the hospital being 30 days late sending her medical records to Blue Cross in Syracuse, their denial of the major medical claim, the $10,000 I’d given the hospital on her current bill, and the payments I’d arranged on the old bill we still owed from last year—all of this just so she’d know what was going on. I also explained that I may get a copy of her medical records for our own files.

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(“I don’t know,” she added as she had a cigarette. “I just got the feeling that you and I are going to have some unexpected company—I don’t know whether here or at the house.” Just what we need, I thought. However, her statement prompted me to tell her that a few days before the insurance company had denied our claim for major medical benefits because they hadn’t received the hospital records, I’d waked up early one morning and lay there worrying about the possibility of a denial for perhaps an hour. I’d felt definitely uneasy, I told Jane—that is, I’d had no feelings that the matter of insurance was going smoothly. I believe I’d forgotten to tell her about this episode.

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(“About the essays. I was telling Jane earlier that now I wonder about some of what I wrote—stressing that Jane has arthritis, and the medical opinions about it, and so forth. I also said you didn’t think that she had arthritis, though, and that we’d chosen to go along with the doctors—”)

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