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(As soon as I turned Jane back on her back at about 1:15 I massaged Oil of Olay into her left leg and talked to her and to it. The leg felt better, less tense than it had yesterday. At the same time Jane’s left foot hurt when I rubbed the leg, and turned outward on its side.

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(4:27.) Now, you can indeed expect further improvements with Ruburt’s eyes and sight. The condition has largely been caused by the imbalance of muscular activity. The massage that you gave Ruburt briefly this afternoon, in the neck areas, is extremely beneficial—not only to his entire condition, but specifically beneficial to his sight.

(Long pause.) The rereading of material, as you did today, is again very helpful, and the practice should be continued. The massage, of course, also carries the message of love, and in that area touch is most important. The love travels in both directions, however, so that as you touch Ruburt’s body his love for you is also transmitted to you, even as your love is transmitted to him —so you are dealing with a very basic and vital kind of communication.

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(4:28 PM. It was time to turn Jane on her side. The neck massage I’d given her earlier, which Seth referred to, had followed a turning also. It had been painful for her to be turned, and I’d tried to relieve some of her tenseness by massaging her neck muscles and back. It had helped.)

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