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(Jane described a dream she’d had last night, a very positive one, she thought, in which she’d looked at her face in a mirror for the first time in a long while. She saw her features with their old familiar contours, was pleased, and thought that with a little makeup she’d look fine. “I don’t have the guts to really look at my face yet,” she said now. “The last time I did—some months ago—I thought I looked terrible, with a double chin and my face bloated all out of shape....” I told her her face wasn’t bloated out of shape, that it looked much better, and that she appeared to have a double chin because of her position in bed. Perhaps she half believed me. It was approaching time for people to start coming in to check her vitals when she said she’d try for a short session. She was on her back, of course; her Seth voice was okay, good but not too loud.)

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